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XS: Behind the Brand

XS: Behind the Brand

Do you think work should be fun? The folks behind Amway’s XS brand sure think so. In fact, the brand is becoming known around the world for blending work and play, and making entrepreneurship an adventure.

XS energy drinks and many other products are now found in 56 markets globally, and while the brand itself is growing, it’s also gaining popularity and industry recognition for changing how people view owning their own businesses.

XS Co-Founder David Vanderveen says it’s all about changing your perspective, and finding work that can be fun, then blending it with your lifestyle.

“If you can make every moment of that something to be excited about,” Vanderveen says, “rather than something to dread or regret, I think you make the world a better place and we enjoy doing more together. That’s why fun is so important to the XS brand.”

Fun and adventure are so central to the brand that Amway and XS have created a physical location for it in Vanderveen’s hometown of Laguna Beach on the Southern California Coast. Dubbed the “Center for Optimal Fun,” it’s a place for Amway business owners and guests to gather and experience the XS lifestyle, and learn more about growing your own business.

WHQ News recently caught up with Vanderveen on the California coast to go behind the brand, and find out more about what’s driving the XS experience.