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Get the facts about beauty ingredients straight from the farm

Get the facts about beauty ingredients straight from the farm

You’ve probably heard about farm to table ingredients, but what about seed to skin? It’s rare in the world of beauty to get down to dirt level when talking about skincare ingredients. But not for Artistry™ skincare. That’s because our products include Nutrilite™-grown botanicals that are traceable all the way to the farm and plant where they originated! That means we know where, how, and by whom ingredients are grown to ensure complete integrity and the highest quality from seed, to skincare solution, to you.

Starting with nature’s botanicals is the best way to help create effective beauty products. And for Artistry™ skincare, not just any ingredient or farm will do. We use our own Nutrilite™ certified organic farms located all over the world, where conditions are prime for growing the best of the best. And since we grow plants ourselves, we know exactly what is put on them and have the documentation to prove it – like pure water, clean soil, organic fertilizer and no harsh chemicals. Our plants go through rigorous testing, too, starting with the seed in the ground and continuing through processing. We know the exact moment to harvest for peak potency, and our crops are processed within 24 hours to preserve their precious nutrients. We document and trace every harvest to make each botanical better for nature and for you. It’s a lot of effort, but it’s all part of ensuring our ingredients are pure, safe and consciously made.

The Artistry Skin Nutrition™ collection is the best expression of the Artistry™ brand commitment to clean beauty with traceable Nutrilite™ botanicals. Every single Artistry Skin Nutrition™ product includes one or more Nutrilite™ grown botanicals that are traceable from seed to skin. Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products act like supplements for the skin to target each person’s individual needs and skin nutritional gaps for real, visible results. Meet our phytonutrient superstars for Artistry Skin Nutrition™ and the Nutrilite™ farms where they are grown:


Nutrilite™-grown White Chia Seed is one of nature’s richest superfoods and hero ingredient in every Artistry Skin Nutrition™ product. Perhaps not surprisingly, our White Chia Seeds come from plants grown on our certified-organic Nutrilite™ El Petacal farm (located in the Jalisco region of Mexico – the birthplace of chia!). It took nine years and 7,824 different varieties to develop our U.S. patented variety of organic, non-GMO White Chia with the most nutrients and the least amount of resources. Not a single seed leaves the farm without going through our traceability process–which tracks every single step of planting, growing and harvesting to ensure purity of the superpowered white chia seeds that are used in our Artistry™ skincare products. We use these tiny seeds because they have the highest concentration of Omega 3s, fatty acids essential for healthy-looking skin. The White Chia Seed Gel in Artistry Skin Nutrition™ products also provides vital support to skin’s microbiome for added strength, stability and balance.


Nutrilite™-grown Acerola Cherry is a signature ingredient for Nutrilite™ supplements and Artistry™ skincare grown on our Nutrilite™ Brazil farm – one of the largest acerola farms in the world! The soil is enriched with natural, contaminant-free compost and other organic minerals to produce cherries bursting with phytonutrients. The safety of our ingredients is so important we go above and beyond Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) by cleaning and sanitizing farming tools and equipment before each and every use to prevent contamination, and meticulously testing all irrigation water for pathogens. Acerola Cherry is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C, making it a multi-action anti-aging superstar, known to help repair the appearance of expression lines by strengthening skin’s deep surface layers. Nutrilite™-grown Acerola Cherry powers the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Prevent Complex, with Australian Daisy and Blackberry, to boost skin’s natural defense system and help prevent and delay the visible signs of aging. Look for it as a key ingredient in the eye and face moisturizers of our Balancing and Hydrating Solution Sets.


Nutrilite™-grown Spinach grown on our Nutrilite™ El Petacal farm in Mexico doesn’t look like what you would find at your farmers market. It has massive leaves and vibrant, deep-green plant color to show a high concentration of beneficial phytonutrients. When nutrient levels peak, harvest teams cut only the portion of the plant needed—allowing two harvests from each plant. Immediately upon harvest, the spinach is washed, chopped and loaded into the dehydrator for peak quality and nutrient levels. Careful documentation verifies everything the spinach went through, starting with the seed and ending with our final Artistry™ skincare products and Nutrilite™ supplements.

Nutrilite™-grown Pomegranate is harvested on our Nutrilite™ El Petacal farm in Mexico when they’re small, long before they’re ripe. It may not be the bright red color you’re used to, but that’s when our scientists find it is filled with the most powerful antioxidants. The fruit is regularly tested for quality. If the finished product doesn’t meet our standards for nutrient levels, it’s sent to the compost pile and used to feed the soil. Nutrient testing is important to help ensure each pomegranate provides extraordinary benefits to protect skin from six major types of pollution in both our Artistry™ skincare products and our Nutrilite™ supplements. Nutrilite™-grown Pomegranate in Artistry Skin Nutrition™ moisturizers helps protect skin from pollution and keep skin soothed, calmed and strengthened to defend against the signs of premature skin aging.


Knowing where ingredients come from and how a product is produced can help people choose pure, safe and effective products with confidence. We get it. That’s why the Artistry™ brand takes the guesswork out of choosing products that contain plant-based botanical ingredients from Nutrilite™ farms, that are traceable from seed to skin. Every step of the way great care is taken for you, our farmers, our surrounding communities and the earth. And we’re happy to share it with you!