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5 tips for working from home with kids

5 tips for working from home with kids

Working from home can be really challenging as is – it can be hard to find that inner productivity and to focus on work-related tasks. Throw in a few kids at home with you and getting any work done can seem like an absolute impossibility! Here are 5 tips for working from home with kids:

  1. Set expectations: Make sure your kids know that just because you’re home doesn’t mean you can step away from work. Create a designated workspace and explain to your kids that distractions have to be kept to a minimum when you’re in that workspace.
  2. Keep them busy: Before you start your workweek, try and plan out a few things that will keep your kids engaged and busy every day. You can even structure their days down to the hour and share the schedule with them. That way, they’ll know what to do and when without always having to come to you to ask.
  3. Meal-prep: Taking time away from work to make more meals than one can add yet another distraction to your already distracted workspace. Try meal-prepping twice a week to make sure you’re spending less time in the kitchen making meals and snacks during your working hours.
  4. Ask for help: If a significant other or family member is home with you as well, ask them to watch over the kids especially during conference calls when you need the most focus.
  5. Take a break: Scheduling breaks into to your workday will allow you to check in on your kids. You can even plan short, fun activities indoors or in your yard that will help burn off some of their energy.

Applying some of these tips into your work from home routine can help get your productivity back on track, but communicating with your work can also be helpful. Keep an open line of communication with your boss and coworkers. That way, they’ll know that you’re doing the best that you can but – kids will be kids!