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Amway Donates to Hawaii Wildfire Disaster Relief

Amway donates to Hawaii wildfire disaster relief

In response to the devastating fires in Maui last week, Amway today announced plans to contribute $50,000 to recovery efforts for those impacted by the Hawaii wildfire disaster. Over the past week, the entrepreneur-led health and wellness company worked to find the best way to support those that live in the affected areas and Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs).  Amway will focus on recovery efforts and work with organizations on the ground already to provide support.

Providing Support
The American Red Cross has 300 responders on the ground providing shelter, sustenance, and emotional support. A donation site has been set up for anyone that wishes to contribute directly to the efforts on Maui. Amway will distribute care packages directly to those who reside in Lahaina.

Our thoughts continue to be with those impacted by the devastating wildfires in Hawaii.

Update: As of October 2023, more than $130,000 in product, matching gifts and direct donations have been collected.